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"The rivers were all beautiful, I appreciate the way the week was setup so that the most challenging rivers were paddled at the end. I enjoyed experiencing the local cuisine – like the plantains, fish with heads and eyes, different fruit.  The meals that Andrea cooked herself were very good… especially Mexican night!" 
Heather Armitage

New! Dates-2013/2014

High Roller - $1545 USD details

9 days in Ecuador, 7 days of paddling Sample Itinerary
Our goal is to provide a worry free and safe experience with maximum paddling and luxury in mind. Spend 7 days paddling the continuous and scenic rivers of Ecuador while being treated to first-rate accommodations and cuisine. Let our professional river guides take you on an experience of a lifetime and take away all the stress of shuttles, river beta, and everything in between.  With Endless Adventure International all you have to worry about is making that boof stroke on the river.  From morning to night we are dedicated in making your experience fun filled and memorable.

What to expect?
7 days of paddling class II to IV in the cloud and rain forest rivers the Quijos and Napo Valley, two different drainages with many different styles of whitewater.  Whether you enjoy steep boulder gardens or miles of wave trains you will have the time of your paddling life as you meander through lush jungles literally screaming with wild life.  Experience the wonderful culture of Ecuador and it’s friendly people.  At Endless Adventure International we are focused on providing a memorable experience both on and off water.  The two different areas explored offer two entirely different climates as well.  The Napo Valley promises tropical weather and warm rivers while the Quijos Valley host’s temperate days and cooler nights with glacier fed rivers. 

Trip 1 * November 9 - November 17. 13
Trip 2 * November 23 - December 01. 13
Trip 3 * December 07 - December 15. 13
Trip 5 * January 11. 14 - January 19. 14

The Monkey Run - $1545 USD details

If you want an Ecuador experience without all the paddling, we have a trip for you! Don't miss a beat by exploring the land with a guide or solo. Take a day or two and experience the sights from the river on a mellow cruise in an inflatable kayaks. Stable and self-bailing makes paddling fun, easy and safe, with no experience necessary. Perfect for the non-paddling partner.

What to expect:
Two - three days on the river with a guide. All the other days can consist of site searching, checking out some waterfalls, exploring caves, soaking in hot pools or cooling off by the monkeys. Massages and shopping can also get squeezed in:) Meet up with your paddling partner for dinner

For the part-time paddler and full-time adventurer. This option can be added to any of the tours.

Dirtbag Fiesta - $1299 details

Book now, spaces limited! (Must be class 4+ Boater)
Not for the light of heart or stomach…. This action packed trip takes place during some major annual fiestas in Ecuador.  Guests can expect some no holds barred paddling and party on this fun filled trip.  Spend days paddling class 4/5 creeks boofing away the fog from the previous night.  Experience salsa dancing, night boating, and more unmentionable fun. No group rates available, this trip is already as low as it gets.

What to expect?
The best paddling and party you have ever seen!  Learn why something as simple as the name of a month can be reason to celebrate.  How to really maximize your trip weather every hour is accountable or not.

Trip 4 * December 28 - January 5. 14 * Class 4+

Rivers & Ocean - $1745 USD details

Want to experience the best all-inclusive adventure that Ecuador has to offer?  Kayak four different rivers through the lush jungles of the diverse country and then head across to the magical beaches of Canoa to relax and play on the ocean.  This one of a kind tour enables you to get the most of Ecuador’s beautiful culture and landscape while kayaking and surfing gorgeous rivers and oceans

What to expect?
Your tours starts in Borja to gear up and get ready for a guided four day kayak adventure catered to your skill level and comfort.  All kayaks are modern and suitable for Ecuadorian rivers, and inflatable kayak trips are available for the non-paddler. Canoa beach is a small beach town paradise. During your beach stay, guests can choose between the following activities; Snorkeling, Fishing, kayaking, surfing, stand up paddling and the not for the light of heart- Paragliding!  Soar through the air with your feet dangling while staring out into the ocean.  Embark on the ocean in a fishing vessel and experience the thrill of reeling in a big one!  Learn the exciting sport of Stand Up Paddle boarding in the most perfect learn to surf setting.  All the adventure you can handle is available for you in this exciting package.

Trip 6 * January 25. 14 - February 2. 14 See Video

Kayak Instruction -$300 USD details

If it’s been a while since you have been out in a kayak or you suddenly realize that you dropped a grade in skill we can accommodate you without being a burden on your tour mates.  We will assign a professional kayak instructor to give you kayak instruction.  If you are interested in challenging yourself and stepping up your skills spend a day or two getting up to date and industry standard instruction.  A $300 charge can be added to your trip to include world-class instruction.

Discounts: For groups of 5-6 paddlers, each person saves $100. For a group 7 or more paddlers, each person saves $200.
Early Bird: Book before Aug 1st save $200.
(One discount per person, multiple discount do not apply)


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