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“When we gave back to the community and did a free whitewater day was something that truly set this adventure apart from anything else I’ve ever done! It’s easy to just go somewhere and experience the superficial part of a place, but to really be able to get into the community, make friends and build a bond with people like that is rare. This happened as a result of Chris and Marco and the genuine, down to earth, charismatic people that they are.  They have a way of getting into people’s hearts and making friends.”
Fawn Anderson

The Team

Chris Ryman

Founder and Whitewater Specialist.
A born paddler from the Ottawa river, where the playboating is abundance. Ryman moved to the west and discovered creeking!
"I have been hooked ever since." This passion for whitwater took him to Ecuador for the winter and the rest is history.

Andrea Ryman
Marketing Director.
Keeping all the boys on track, design, delegate and determined. When in Ecuador she is known for her tasty healthy and homemade meals. When she isn't co-ordinating shuttles and accommodations, you will she her on the side of the river snapping pics and preparinging for the next adventure.
Vice President and Inflatable Enthusiast.


Dave “Whatever” Gore
Dave joined the crew on our first year bringing vast experience and personality to the team.  Dave has traveled worldwide helping set up kayak tours in locations such as, Chile, Costa Rica, and Africa.  Dave has been a Jet boat captain in Niagara Falls and a raft and kayak guide on the Ottawa River for the last 15 years.  Dave practices the “go with the flow” mentality in everything he does and ensures a stress free solution to every situation.  Whatever the place, people, or river Dave Gore is the man to make sure things flow like water.

Abby Dent "Jungle Jane"

Born in Irland, grew up in the jungles of Ecuador with her rafting family. Guides like a champ and likes to introduce you to her monkey friends. Fluent in spanish and is a wealth of information with all things Ecuador. When Abby isn't paddling she is most likely swinging around on the dance floor.

"Andrea and Chris did a great job of making it work and I was happy to paddle with the local guide Pablo, Heather and Brandon." Heather Armitage
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